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2024-2025 Options

Information for Option Selection

Option Selections for the 2024-2025 School Year will begin on Friday May 3rd.

Students will log into PowerSchool between Friday May 3rd and Friday May 24th to select their desired options for the new school year. Access PowerSchool HERE  

Grade 6 Options: 2024-2025

Grade 7 Options: 2024-2025

Grade 8 Options: 2024-2025


General Guidelines for Options:

  • Review the options descriptions and decide which ones are of interest.
  • The school year is divided into 3 terms, each term having 2 option blocks. This means students could potentially have six different options each year.
  • Band is a FULL YEAR option. This means Band will take up 3 of the 6 option blocks.
  • Some options have a supplementary fee to cover material and supply costs.


  • This process does not prioritize preferred options, nor do we track who selects options when. Once all selections are entered for all students, our software will populate as many students with their requested options as possible.
  • Selecting more options than required is better than selecting fewer. It helps create flexibility if some options fill up before others.
  • You will learn what options you will be taking in the fall.

Questions? Please email us at sjf@lethsd.ab.ca

*Current SJF students will use their own PowerSchool Login; Grade 5 students will use their Parents PowerSchool Login information*



Directions for our Current Grade 6 and 7 students at SJF

Directions for our Grade 5 Students