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SJF Cafeteria

We are excited to let you know our cafeteria is open and we welcome Mrs. Fox and Mr. Souther with Aardvark Adventures to the Falcon community! 

The Canteen will be accepting in person purchases only for the 2022/2023 school year to assist with keeping costs lower for parents. If your child would like something from the canteen, please send them with cash. Any questions or concerns regarding this change please contact Craig DeJong (craig.dejong@lethsd.ab.ca).

Daily Meals

Cheese Burger Meal (includes Mexi Fries, Drink & Cookie) $9.00
Taco in a Bag Meal (includes Drink & Cookie) $8.50
Ham & Cheese Sub Meal (includes Drink & Cookie) $7.50
Hot Dog Meal (includes Mexi Fries, Drink & Cookie)  $6.50
Chicken Nugget Meal (includes Mexi Fries, Drink & Cookie) $6.50

Other Items Include:


Item Price
Cheese Burger $4.00
Burger Plain $4.50
Hot Dog $2.00
Nachos & Cheese $2.00
Ham & Cheese Sub $4.50
Individual Pizza (Cheese or Pepperoni) $2.50
Chicken Nuggets $2.00
Mexi Fries $2.00
Taco in a Bag $6.00
Cupcakes $0.50
Rice Krispie Squares $2.00
Chocolate Chip Cookies $0.50
Brownies $2.00
White Milk $2.00
Chocolate Milk $2.00
Sparkling Ice $2.00
Orange or Apple Juice $2.00
Assorted bags of Chips $1.00
Ice Cream Sandwich $1.00
Fudgesicle  $1.00
Revelo $1.00
Popsicles $0.50