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Kevan Lomness

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Teacher Counsellor

Phone: 403-381-2977

Hi there!  I'm Mrs. Lomness.  I am the Teacher Counsellor at SJF.  I enjoy yoga, hiking, walking my dog, camping, and spending time with my family.  

We have a great Wellness Team at SJF.  There are a variety of reasons you might reach out to Ms. Kalau or me including:

  • You need someone to talk to about a personal concern
  • You are worried about someone else
  • You need a snack or lunch
  • Times are tough financially and your family might need some help accessing supports (such as getting into a sporting activity or accessing school supplies)
  • You want to get involved in leadership or volunteer opportunities
  • You need a space to self-regulate in
  • You need some hygiene supplies
  • Lunch clubs
  • Participation in a group

If you need to talk to one of us, you can:

1) Seek us out before school, at a break, or during lunch and we will ensure you are seeing the most appropriate person to meet your needs

2) Ask your teacher to check if we are available (please do not just show up during class time, because we might be with someone else or away from our office)

3) Talk to your parents and ask them to contact the school

Please note that privacy is important to members of the Wellness Team, but there are limits to confidentiality that will be shared with you. 

I hope you have a healthy and happy year ahead!

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