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Scenario 3: Move to at-home learning

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SJF Virtual Open House Invitation - April 28, 7:00pm

SJF Virtual Open House

If you would like to attend our virtual open house on Wednesday, April 28th from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. via Microsoft Teams, please follow the link below: 

Virtual Open House Link


School Tour Presented By Grade Eight Students 


Please see the following videos showcasing our school.  If you prefer to watch all of the videos at once, the next video below is a combination of all of these clips.

SJF Virtual Open House - Full Video


Laptops at SJF - Mr. Bartlett


COVID-19 Plan at SJF - Mr. Bartlett


Welcoming Grade 5's Into Our Building - Mr. Bartlett


First Day of School For Grade 6 and Grades 7/8 - Mr. Bartlett 


Where To Find More Information - Mr. Bartlett


Athletics at SJF - Mr. Hagel


Clubs at SJF - Mr. Hagel


Extra-Curricular Activities at SJF - Mr. Hagel


Bussing at SJF - Mr. Hagel


Wellness Center and Counselling at SJF - Mr. Hagel


Option Classes at SJF - Mrs. Adamson


Student Supports at SJF - Mrs. Adamson


Transitioning to Grade 6 at SJF - Mrs. Adamson


Tests and Assessments at SJF - Mrs. Adamson


First Day of Grade 6 at SJF - Mr. Filipenko


Grade 6 Student Expectations at SJF - Mrs. Johnston


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